Duece Johnson

Inside the Mind of a Master Cheater

My life has been ruined by this rabbit hole of cheating. It all started at the end of the Christmas break. My sleeping schedule was completely messed up from pulling all-nighters every day and drinking coffee to support the habit. Because of this sleeping schedule, I was used to sleeping until 3:00 p.m.

I wasn’t at school for the first three days because I was still visiting family. During those three days, I was given two essays, five worksheets, and one big project, all due at the end of the week. According to the handbook rules, I had three days to make up all of the work I had missed. I was also busy with the work I was given my first day back.

Slowly more and more my problems grew with no free time and very few papers getting turned in, at any speed. There was only one option left, I resorted to cheating. I found the most corrupt smart kids in the school by talking to the kids who slept all day and still had their work done.

They charged a reasonable price of $5 a worksheet, $10 an essay, and $20 for a big project, with promised original work on all of them. This system was perfect for me because while I had a job, I had no time to do my school work. I would work for one hour and earn enough money for a worksheet.

Slowly more and more my problems grew with no free time and very few papers getting turned in, at any speed.”

— Most Students

My ways of cheating eventually caught up with me because I got to the point where I didn’t know the subjects I was learning. Eventually, I would have to take a test. Even I knew I couldn’t study for something I didn’t know anything about. A test came along and I completely failed.

I have learned a valuable lesson in moderation. When an item or action gets so big it controls you, it ruins your life. Sometimes it isn’t a good idea to continue on the dark paths where we find ourselves. I’m not saying I will not ever cheat again, however, I know I will probably get behind in the future and feel I have no other choice.

For now, though, I am keeping my head above water and staying caught up on my school work. That includes this blog that I wrote myself.

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