History Day Hysteria


Some people might spend spring break at exotic locations with no worries, but for some students, spring break is nothing but chaos and rushing to finish a History Day project. History Day is a competition where students can choose to do an exhibit, play, website or documentary. These students must make it through two rounds of competition to make it to nationals in Washinton D.C.

“The research part always seems like it takes so long, then the building part just flies on by,” Braxton Thompson, sophomore, said.

The first History Day competition is April 1st, and for most students, it is definitely coming up faster than expected. Most exhibits are nowhere near ready, and websites remain with very little information. The documentaries are still a work and progress, and the students doing plays still have lines to memorize.

“You don’t realize how little time you have until it’s three weeks to competition and you’re stressing because you only have two sides of your exhibit done. Thankfully we can work on our product over spring break though,” Kenidi Humbargar, junior, said.

Luckily enough for these students, our History Day advisor, Mrs. Heath, will be coming up throughout spring break so students may have more time to work on exhibits, websites, documentaries, and memorize lines in plays.