Tips For Making Life Easier At School

I have done this type of news story before, but I have new content to rant and rave about, like the cruddy Covid-19 scare ruining my life plans. These are my new and improved tips and tricks to survive high school for you students coming into the high school lifestyle for the first time. 

Please practice good hygiene. 

This one has always been important to everyone’s sense of smell, but it means more now than it did in previous years. Covid-19 has everyone on their toes in school and out of school. We, the students and teachers, have to do our part to keep everyone attending school safe and sound. Washing your filthy mitts and wearing a mask, even if it’s a fashion statement or it’s to hide the ugly, it can help keep everyone safe and happy. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for directions.

One thing everyone hates, at least I do, is people who stand in the hallway like a bump on a pickle clogging up the hallways. I have a class to get to and I do not want to bump into people while trying to get to my classes. Most of the people are nicer than they look, and trust me, these people who walk the halls look like prison escapees. 

Please, for the love of human decency, follow the dress codes.

Canton schools have just now allowed athletic shorts to be worn to school and I will be mad, mad is not the word I want to use but it’s the school friendliest variation, if someone gets them banned again. That goes for any item of clothing we are allowed to wear so far. No one wants to see buttcheek or stomach while trying to finish school and graduate. If it would absolutely kill you to dress like a nun, then wear the clothing you want to wear when school is out. 

Please take care of pests before it becomes a problem.

Last year the school had a pest problem, people kept sighting bedbugs in different classes. Teachers told us to keep our bags and other junk off the floor and in lockers where it was less likely to be in contact with bedbugs. If you have lice or any pest that can spread, please, take care of the problem before it spreads and becomes a school problem. 

From asking for directions to following dress codes, we can all get through this bogus journey called highschool together. In this hectic time period, we are all stuck in the same boat, so please, take this article in consideration.