Meet Kamdyn Hulse

Kamdyn Hulse

Kamdyn Hulse is a 7th grader at Canton School. Kamdyn grew up in Longdale, OK. She was born on September 6, 200, in Enid, Oklahoma. 

Kamdyn is a middle child of two siblings. She lives with her mom and her dad. 

Kamdyn is a point guard on the junior high basketball team this year. She is also in cross country and track. Her favorite sport is basketball because it is competitive and challenging. 

She likes being on the team because she enjoys hanging out with everyone 

As soon as Kamdyn is out of school, she wants to become a nurse to help people. 

Kamdyn’s favorite subject in school is reading because time goes by faster when she reads. If Kamdyn could get rid of one subject, it would be geography because she doesn’t like that class. 

Kamdyn’s favorite movie is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets because she thinks the snakes are cool.