Exploring My Music Phases

As I have said in some of my old album reviews, I was raised on rock music. I go through music phases as people go through clothing phases. It started with rock, then it went to heavier metal music. I am not talking about Metallica or AC/DC. They are totally overrated. I am talking about bands like Ice Nine Kills and The Dead Rabbitts. I found the band called The Dead Rabbitts while wandering through Youtube a few years ago. I clicked on their song, listened to it, and found that I liked the screaming and hard drumming. I zoomed over to Spotify, found their account, and followed it. That was the beginning of an obsession that has come back to suck me back in.

A friend of mine told me to check out a band that he likes. That band was Ice Nine Kills. Most of the songs are in reference to horror icons. For example, a song called “Thank God It’s Friday” is in reference to Friday the 13th. Another song is “ IT Is The End”, you can guess what icon that song references. 

Some people can listen to music and hear the lyrics and feel better when they are sad, but I need screaming vocals. I need hard bashing music to get a hold of my emotions. I have been doing some poking around, and a lot of different people agree that metal music helps calm a person down. Personally, the metal music that I listen to makes me tired. I am not going to go into the details, so if you want to nitpick it, then you’ll have to Google it. 

Personally I think everyone should listen to the music they want and like, but there is nothing wrong with exploring different types of music. I am going to share a secret. I used to listen to Hollywood Undead. Yeah, go ahead and groan. They are the closest thing to pop music that I enjoy. 

Go ahead and listen to your favorite bands and musicians, I won’t judge. Okay, I will probably judge, especially if it’s garbage like Cardi B or whoever is famous now. Thank you for reading my blog, constant reader. I hope you stay tuned because I put new stories up every week. Partially because it’s a weekly grade, mostly because I enjoy it.