Canton High School Remodels Gazebo

The newly remodeled gazebo sits empty due to the recent weather and Covid-19 restrictions.

This summer the gazebo in the school courtyard was remodeled by T’s Building & Remodeling.  The reconstruction was paid for by the 2019-20 Student Council and Canton Schools. 

The main eyecatcher is the newly orange colored roof of the gazebo, which really helps show school spirit.

“I wanted to fix it to give us somewhere nice to sit outside and to give us something that would leave our mark on the school,” Caden Koehn, 2019-20 STUCO president, said. 

In the late 1990s, Tom Crelly’s woodworking class began a class project that would forever change the Canton High School courtyard. This class project was the courtyard’s very own gazebo.

The whole idea for this project started as a special request from the superintendent at the time, Mr. Hajney. He asked Mr. Crelly if he could build him a gazebo. Soon after this, work on the gazebo began. 

The work was done by two classes, a woodworking class which consisted of ten students, and an ag class which had six students, both working on the gazebo at different times. During their classes, students in the woodworking class would begin their work on the frame of the gazebo, while the ag class would do the metalwork and work on the cappella, or roof, of the gazebo. 

Pioneer sent a truck near the end of the project to help the students lift up and put on the cappella.

“Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, the new gazebo has not gotten much use, but hopefully it will in the future,” Meridith Barney, 2019-20 STUCO adviser, said.