Bridge Construction Causes Traffic Headaches

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Since September 8th construction has been underway on the bridge over Minnehaha Creek that is the main route of transportation for some teachers and students to school. The bridge is scheduled to be done in June of next year. 

Many students are getting up earlier, and teachers and bus drivers have had longer mornings and afternoons. Teachers say their students are getting to class a little bit later. 

People also have to watch for the constant flow of construction workers and equipment. The line to get to the other side of the bridge is often held up all the way to the intersection and down Main street. 

“My mornings and afternoons are only maybe 5 to 10 minutes longer, with the police being there it helps out a lot,” Sean  Mesis, a high school teacher and bus driver, said. 

With the construction set to last a year, it will cause problems for some people. Some kids have been getting up earlier, so they don’t miss the bus and some kids who ride with their parents are still getting to school later. Students don’t really have much to say about the bridge being taken out, other than the change in arrival. 

“We have waited at the bridge to get across six or seven minutes. Once I was late to an appointment because of it,” Jacqlyn Grigsby, freshman, said.