Students Suffer Dress Code Blues

Hopelin Hood and Madison Rauh


Every summer teachers get together and discuss the Canton High School handbook. They do not include students in this meeting. This might be the reason many students do not like our dress code and could possibly be the reason so many people are forced to go out and buy non ‘distracting’ clothes.

“I don’t really like the dress code too much here. It’s not the worst, but it’s definitely not the best. I feel like jeans with holes in them should be fine as long as the private areas aren’t out and about. Same with leggings. I think that leggings and skinny jeans are just as tight and show the same amount of legs and such. I don’t believe what they call ‘distracting’ because I don’t believe shoulders are in any way sexually attractive or distracting,” Brianna Ross, Canton senior, said.

Some parents respect the dress code, but they also disagree with it. They believe that it is not very fair to the young women/men who want to express themselves through their clothing. 

“I believe the dress code is in place for a reason. While I respect it and those that make it, I don’t completely agree with it. As a mother of teenage girls, it is difficult to find holeless jeans. I wish the dress code would allow holes as long as they are not in inappropriate places,” Jaime Grigsby, mother of a high school student, said.

The student body agrees with this statement as well. High school students believe  the dress code is strict. They believe that there should be some leniency, especially since it’s getting harder and harder to find holeless jeans and other clothes that fit the rules. 

Some students even feel the dress code is not letting them express themselves.

I feel like the dress code may be a little strict. Barely anybody follows the dress code anyway, so I don’t understand why we can’t wear holes in our jeans above our knees. Also wearing shirts (with straps) that are dollar bill wide, a lot of people have some clothes that are not dollar bill wide but we can’t wear it to school,” Lea Vowell, Canton sophomore, said. 


Should students be a part of the school's handbook committee when it concerns the dress code?

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