99 Coffins Leaves Readers Wanting More

One of my favorite things to do is to collect books and read. My room is full of different books piled everywhere. My closet, my TV stand, and a dresser are all packed full of books. I read every time I get the chance, in school and at home. I am currently reading a vampire book called 99 Coffins. It was written by David Wellington, an author of over twenty horror-themed novels and short stories. 

When a group of student archeologists dig up an underground room filled with 99 coffins, all he11 breaks loose. In the coffins are the rotting corpses of vampires just waiting to be revived by the last remaining healthy vampire. 

 A police officer named Laura Caxton is asked by her old friend to help kill the last remaining vampire, and she reluctantly agrees to help him. Caxton is soon wrapped up in a game of cat and mouse with a dangerous vampire with an even more dangerous plan. 

As far as vampire books go, this one has me interested in what is going to happen next. It is also very original. The majority of books about vampires that I have read follow the same cliches. Many vampire books say that vampires have to sleep in the daytime. In 99 Coffins, the vampires turn into decaying corpses during the day. The novel mentions that maggots and flies will feed on the vampires when they turn to mush. 99 Coffins still has the vampires disintegrate when the sunlight touches them. 

Many vampire myths and folklore say that vampires are immortal creatures. In the book the vampires are immortal, but they have to feed on human blood to keep from rotting away. If the vampires can’t get fresh blood they will become living skeletons, too weak to move or hunt.

The only way to destroy a vampire in 99 Coffins is to destroy or rip out their heart. Ripping out the heart will decay their bodies, but if someone puts the vampire’s heart back in, they will be revived. I appreciate how the vampires are described in this book. They have a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth instead of two dainty fangs, they turn the color of milk no matter what their race was before they died, and they become bald and nasty looking. I plan on reading more of David Wellington’s books in the future. The book would be a 4 stars out of 5. Some of the things the characters did were stupid, but I get it. Characters are only likable when they are as human as possible.