Changes Canton Schools Should Make

Canton High School needs a new and improved rule book, and lucky for the administrator, I already have some great ideas. The first thing I would change is the start time of school. I mean do I have to explain that no one likes getting up at 6:30 to make it to school? One of the main reasons why I like online school better than real school is because I could sleep till 8:10. My idea is to completely take out first hour and start at 9:00 am. If I could sleep till eight at least I would love school so much more.

I would change how long the lunch hour is. Getting 22 minutes to eat is barely enough time, especially considering the long lunch line. Students probably spend 10 minutes in line and 8 minutes of eating. Longer lunch hours would be nice because it would give me more time to eat and just get my mind off of school. Who can even choke down a whole plate of food in 8 minutes? That’s crazy. 

I hate to mention school lunches. It would help if students could go off campus and eat, but that would mean that lunch hour would have to be longer. The school lunches were okay with the salad bar, but now that they took the salad bar away, it’s just gone downhill. I would love to be able to get an apple or two a week, and not the canned ones, the fresh kind. I know it is a big liability to let kids drive to eat, but even Okeene lets their kids go off-campus.

I would also allow students to be able to get on their phones in class, as long as the teachers are okay with it. Sometimes it gets so old watching the same YouTube videos or playing the same games. As long as the teachers are okay with phones, I do not see a problem.

As for semester tests, I say we do away with them or make them not mandatory. It sucked having COVID and feeling sick but still logging into classes because I did not want to take semester tests. Semester tests are just weird to me, like what’s the point of making kids take them. I bet the kids who have to take them won’t try hard on them anyway.