Meet Sophomore Lea Vowell


Lea Vowell is a sophomore at Canton High School. Lea was born in Enid, Oklahoma, on October 18, 2004. She grew up in Canton Oklahoma.

Lea is a little sister to her twin brothers, Lance and Logan. She lives with her mom and her dad.

Lea´s favorite movie is Beetlejuice because she just likes it. 

Lea´s favorite subject in school is choir because they get to be loud

If Lea got to pick one main subject to not take her whole high school year, it would be math because she’s really bad at it. 

Lea´s favorite teacher is Mr. Hampton because she thinks that he’s really cool and nice

If Lea got to have any superpower it would be to fly because she always wanted to fly. 

The most embarrassing thing that happened to Lea was when she walked into the boy’s bathroom on accident.

Lea thinks the biggest difference between this year and last year is going home and doing everything in an online school.