Cobra Kai is Kicking It!

Cobra Kai stars gather at a festival in Ft. Lauderdale. Super Festivals from Ft. Lauderdale, USA / CC BY (

In 2018 a show by the name of Cobra Kai was released, but it did not receive any attention until 2020 when season 2 was released. Cobra Kai was added to Netflix. This TV series is beyond comparison to any superhero or action TV series simply because there is nothing else like it. In my vast TV watching experience, I have not found a single other decent karate based TV series.
Cobra Kai is a series that is linked to the Karate Kid movies that were released in the ‘80s. But don’t be mistaken, they didn’t pay new actors to play the roles of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, they kept the same actors.
Cobra Kai is about the adventures Lawrence and LaRusso have when making their own dojos. In this new series Lawrence and LaRusso fight over karate students, and the students fight over which dojo is better. No matter how much they try, the two karate masters just can’t get along.
I would recommend this show to anyone who loves action. I would not recommend this to anyone under 14. There are some pretty rough and inappropriate scenes in this show.
All around this is a great series, but fair warning, it leaves viewers with some pretty rough cliff hangers. Season three is set for release in 2021.