The Cowboys

In  The Cowboys, the main character Wil Anderson loses his hired-hands due to the gold rush. It is then up to Anderson to find a few schoolboys and turn them into cowboys in a short amount of time. None of the boys had experience working with horses or cattle. 

The character development in the movie was one of the best I have ever seen in a western movie. The longer I watched, the more I got to know each character and understand them. It just all tied together really nicely. 

Not only does Anderson have to deal with the fact that small boys are driving his cattle, but he has to also worry about what could happen on the trip. It is his job to make sure all the cattle get to where they need to be and more importantly make sure the boys get to go back home.  

Anderson manages to balance the two things and even teaches the boys several lessons in the process. The boys gain respect for Anderson quickly and walk away knowing more about the real world than ever before.

I’d absolutely recommend this movie to anyone who loves movies with action and suspense. It keeps people interested and entertained all the way through the movie.