Ew, Oh My, This Taste Like… The Other one.

The difference between off-brand and name brand food has been an age-long argument among people. Some people would argue that there is a difference between the two, others would say it’s not a big deal what brand it is. 

“There is a difference between off-brand and on-brand food. Different companies use different formulas for their food, obviously,” Solomen Vargas, the junior said. 

Even though most of these brands are made with almost the same ingredients, people are still hesitant with these products. Most people might argue that even though they involve the same ingredients, the ingredients were cheaply bought and are not as good. 

The main reason for people not liking name off-brand food is the fact that people never see advertisements for those products.  People may see an Oreo ad on T.V, but not Twist & Shout´s. This can lead to the common belief that because they did not see it on T.V it is not as good.

Can you tell the difference between off brand and on band food?

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