The Fly Isn’t the Biggest Thing to Come out of the Debate

This picture is public domain.

This year’s first presidential debate was very heated with name-calling and badgering each other. While most people’s minds are made up, a lot of people are still undecided between the two candidates, President Trump and Joe Biden. 

For many, the vice president is the deal-breaker. That’s why the vice presidential debate was so important. As many can agree upon, vice presidential debates are often forgotten. People who are for Harris are feeling a little tilted after her refusal to answer whether or not Biden will expand the Supreme Court. Multiple times Harris refused to listen to Pence’s demands for her to give a straight answer. Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, if the Senate approves, it would cement the Supreme Court conservative majority.

Possibly the most important part of the debate was the candidates’ response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and some could agree that it was fiery. Harris spared no time to dig into Pence and the Trump Administration regarding how Trump knew the disease was airborne in January. She also promises free testing for every American for the Coronavirus. Pence makes a bold deflection to Harris telling her to stop politicizing the virus. 

Overall, I felt neither of the candidates did their greatest, both avoiding the topics just as much as they spoke over their time. They both were trying to clean up the mistakes up their partners made in the presidential debate.