Ag Room Gets Big Addition

For years now the ag room has been cramped and had very little space to weld and do crops. Finally last year a bond passed for a much-needed addition to the ag room. 

During the summer supplies started being delivered and the work began. The addition was built by Cornell Construction located in Clinton. They finally finished the addition a few weeks after school started. 

The old ag shop was around 40×40 square feet. Another 40×40 was added to make the shop a grand total of 80×80 square feet. The brand new space is full of opportunities for new equipment. 

“I really like it, it’s empty and has a lot of potential,” Luke Foster, Sophomore, said. 

Ag kids will no longer be cramped together and practically running over each other. Crops contests will be slightly less stressful, and welding kids will have all the space in the world with all the new addition. 

“We have no real purpose for the shop addition, it was mainly for more workspace,” Don Mitchell, ag teacher, said.