Ratched Review

Ratched is a Netflix original series that first aired on September 18, 2020.  Ratched is an ominous, dark, and suspenseful series that everyone can love. The show was created by Evan Romansky. 

The TV series shows a young nurse named Mildred Ratched who gets separated from her brother and tries to help him the best she can. Mildred will do anything she can to make sure her brother is safe. Mildred and Edmund did not have a good childhood, but they helped each other as best as they could.  

When the show started off, I did not think I would like it just because I don’t really like shows. In the beginning, the show had really good video quality and the filters they used for the show make all the scenes pop and it blends in very well. After the first few episodes, I started to really like the show. I finished the series in two days. I couldn’t stop watching it. It was so good.

The ending could have been better because it is left on a really big cliffhanger, but there have been rumors that there will be a season two. 

While watching season one, I kind of know what is going to happen in season two.