Playlists to Fall For

What does the best fall playlist consist of?  Is it music perfect for a cozy fall day laying in bed and drinking hot cocoa and getting in the mood for chilly fall days? In reality, all these things make a fall day hit different. A fall day is kind of hard to describe with words, that is why music is so important to get people in the mood for fall. From watching scary movies to going to pumpkin patches, music is a perfect way to get into the fall mood. 

These perfect playlists celebrate  fall 2020:

  1. Fall Playlist by Haley Adams on Apple Music

This playlist is perfect for a fall day of cruising around with the windows down. It has the perfect vibes for fall. It has everything from “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson to “Fix You” by ColdPlay. 

  1. FALL FEELS 2020 by Flitr on Apple Music

Catch those fall feels with Harry Styles, Sasha Sloan, Alicia Keys and more. This playlist is perfect for those autumn rainy days. I would recommend this playlist to anyone who enjoys laying in bed, listening to music and drinking hot cocoa. 

  1. Halloween Party by Halloween on Apple Music

This playlist has all spooky season vibes. It has a mix of halloween classics to pop thrillers, creepy cuts, and campy hits. It’s perfect for Halloween parties or just getting in the mood for Halloween.

  1. Fall Country Vibes by Sara Gilbert on Apple Music

If you love country music and want to get into the fall mood with music, this is the perfect country fall playlist. It has everything from Luke Combs to Morgan Wallen and many more hits that are the perfect autumn country vibes.

  1. Fall/ Rainy Day Music by Savanna Thibodeaux 

This playlist has all the 90s alternative/ indie and a mix of newer music. Get into the autumn spirit with Pink floyd, Nirvana, and Arctic Monkeys. I love this playlist personally because I have an old soul when it comes to music. It’s an amazing playlist to listen to on a rainy day drive.

  1. Fall by Julian White on Apple Music

Perfectly capture the essence of fall with alternative hip hop in this playlist. It includes hits by Brock Hampton, Tyler the Creator, Jaden, and Frank Ocean. Anyone who doesn’t want sappy rainy day music, this playlist is perfect for them. 

  1. SPOOKY SEASON by Morgan Olmstead on Apple Music

This short but sweet playlist has the Halloween classics. It is the perfect playlist to listen to on Halloween night while going trick or treating with your family. It captures the perfect Halloween vibes that are awesome for kids and family.

  1. Fall by Danielle Simpson on Apple Music

This playlist is filled with indie, hip hop, alternative, and even some old school tunes to perfectly get into that autumn mood. It includes songs by Clairo, Dayglow, Kendrick Lamar, Michael Jackson, and Lil Peep. These songs will help ease the seasonal change pain.

  1. Autumn by Harry Corbin on Apple Music

This playlist is loaded with throwbacks that perfectly captures the vibes of fall. I’m pretty sure this playlist can cure seasonal depression. It includes music by Bill Withers, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, and Frank Sinatra. This playlist is simply amazing.

  1.  October by Meredith Feathers on Apple Music

Finally, this playlist has a bunch of new music that I really enjoy and really has that calming fall feel to it. It includes 6lack, ilyTOMMY, Joji, and more. I would recommend this playlist to anyone in high school. It’s a great playlist for fall.