Sport Superstar: Brandon Day

The high school Canton Tigers faced off against the Seiling Wildcats last week. The Tigers lost the game, but a few players made a big scene. The score at the end of the game was 34 to 18 and one of the Tigers, Bradon Day, made a long touchdown. 

“The game was going good until we hit halftime and it went downhill. I think that I did okay. I had a lot of errors, but I could not have done good without the other seven people out there on the field,” Brandon Day, sophomore, said.  

Day scored the final touchdown of the game to get the Tigers up to 18 points and to decrease their deficit. It was a 50-yard touchdown, one of the longest touchdowns the Tigers have scored this year. 

“If we want to do good next week we have to learn the freaking plays,” Brandon Day, sophomore, Said. 

The Canton Tigers will play their seventh game of the year against the Turpin Cardinals. If the Tigers win this game it will give them a chance to go to the playoffs which Canton has not done in 10 years. The Canton Tigers are really seeking a win this week.