FFA Holds Annual Labor Auction

Thursday, October 29, Canton’s FFA program held the annual labor auction. The labor auction started at 6:30. Thirty-seven people including advisor Don Mitchell attended. All members were auctioned off for one eight-hour workday. 

“A major part in having a successful labor auction is having not only good outside connections but also having hard-working FFA members,” Shania Wood, co ag teacher, said. 

The highest bid of the night was $1,007 for Levi Shaw. The second-highest bid was for Mr. Mitchell for $1,100. Class baskets and desserts were also sold. At the end of the night, the FFA chapter raised a total of $21,750. 

“I was pretty shocked at how much my bid was run-up. The best part was telling my boss how much he had to pay,” Levi Shaw, Historian, said.