Clone High Makes a Comeback

Clone High is an animated adult show that was produced in 2002 and 2003. It is about a school of teenagers who have been cloned from famous figures in history. It was soon taken down from TV. Many viewers from India found the clone of Mahatma Gandhi so offensive that they started a hunger strike to either change the name of the character or get rid of him altogether. The producers refused, and the show was pulled down. 

While the animation is not the greatest, it does help keep the plotline consistent. The majority of people will stop watching a show if the animation and plot are cruddy. The animation has the same look as Total Drama Island

One of the other things that make Clone High worthwhile is the representation of the historical figures. The teen clones are living in the 20th century, so they act differently than what their predecessors acted like in their time period. 

One of the episodes has a special guest, Marylin Manson. The real Marylin Manson was in an episode about selling out to a corporation for money. At the end of the episode, the food item that they were sponsoring was shown to be unhealthy. It’s really funny because Marylin Manson sings a song about the food pyramid at the end of the episode. 

Many streaming sites have added Clone High to their watchables. Don’t worry about not having streaming services, because YouTube has the entire first season for free. 

It was announced on July 2, 2020, that Clone High would be getting a reboot and a second season. It has not been announced how they plan to proceed with the series. Gandhi might be taken out, or he might have some changes made to his character. It has not been announced when the release date is, but it has been said that they have started making plans to continue the show.