Do’s and Don’ts of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a fun and festive holiday when we give thanks for everything in our lives. When families do not see each other often, they may forget how to act. Although everyone knows common etiquette, there are unsaid rules of holidays.   

1. Do be polite if all of the turkey legs are gone. Instead, pull a Cousin Eddie and choose the neck just like in the movie, Christmas Vacation.

2. Do not mention your diet or how you are ruining it. Honestly, no one cares if you can’t eat something because of your diet. More for us!! 

3. Do catch up with your favorite cousins, and if you are feeling generous, your not so favorite cousins. Play a couple of games like Uno, Monopoly, or even go outside.

4. Do not, and I mean absolutely do not say Thanksgiving dinner will be ready at 6 when it’s going to be done at 8. We are all starving because we haven’t eaten lunch trying to save room for Thanksgiving dinner. 

5. Do ask your mom if she needs help. Thanksgiving can be very stressful, and moms can only take on so much. 

6. Don’t be the person who eats the last slice of pie. Just don’t do it. At least, don’t get caught doing it.

7. Do offer to help clean up. The moms will appreciate the offer but will turn you away. As much as they complain about kids never helping, they like stuff done a certain way.

8. Do not bring cranberry sauce out of a can, like who honest likes that stuff. It is bad enough but if you bring it try to spice it up by making it homemade.   

9. Do bring or make plenty of deserts and different assortments. Not everyone likes coconut cream pie, so you do not need 10 of them while totally ignoring pumpkin pie. 

10. Do not spend the whole day watching football. No one wants to hear the dad’s complaining and yelling at the tv on Thanksgiving.