Is it Too Early for Christmas?

Last week I went trick or treating with friends, but this week I put up my Christmas tree. Most people think I’m a monster for this, and some people probably think it took me long enough. I’m one hundred and ten percent a firm believer in an early Christmas. 

Christmas isn’t celebrated by everyone, but a majority of people do. People don’t just celebrate it, but they go all out and get in the Christmas spirit early. 

There are some abominations that believe Christmas only deserves one month.  Others who are all about Christmas might even put decorations up in October. I myself think that’s a little overboard, but I can respect being excited for Christmas. 

A lot of extreme Christmas people are judged because they’re already celebrating in the middle of October or November. People who are absolute Grinches, like Mr. Barney, think people like me are crazy for decorating too early. I feel the pain of their judgment, but that just means they’ll get coal in their stockings.

I personally find Christmas to be the best thing that happens every year. I have never understood why people don’t get excited to decorate or celebrate Christmas. 

Many people wonder why I decorate early and am always so excited about Christmas. I really have no answer except that It makes me happy. I blame my Christmas addiction on my radio stations for playing Christmas music two months early, and Hallmark for showing Christmas movies all year round. 

I will continue to torture people with the fact that I decorate early and taking all the festive threats from Mr. Barney with holiday spirit.