There are Things Going on in The World Besides Covid-19

2020 has been a H3llish year with the election and the Covid-19 pandemic going on in the world. Many newsworthy events have been trampled on and forgotten, but here are a few of the events that are being overshadowed by the news media’s focus on Covid and politics. 

1. Coral reefs are being bleached. 

Global warming has been making water temperature in oceans rise. The rise in temperature has been bleaching precious coral reefs. Bleached coral loses all of its color and its ability to create oxygen for the environment. Bleached coral can survive and make a recovery, but many bleached corals weaken and die. 

2.  Air pollution has dropped slightly. 

Since people have been in lockdown and/or voluntarily stuck at home, some air pollutants have been significantly cut down. Nitrogen dioxide levels have been cut down 20 to 40 percent around the world. 

3. Oregon has decriminalized hard drugs. 

The state of Oregon has changed their drug laws and punishments. Instead of facing jail time for being in possession of drugs like LSD, heroin, oxycodone, and other hard drugs, offenders will either have to pay a one hundred dollar fine or they can attend a rehab center. The measure will take effect 30 days after the election and the punishment charges won’t change until February 1st. 

4. Hurricane Eta 

Hurricane Eta first touched land in Nicaragua on Tuesday as a class 4 hurricane. Eta weakened down to a tropical depression last Wednesday, but it has since grown to be a tropical storm. Eta’s next projected path is headed toward Florida. 

5. Australia’s forests are growing back.

Everyone who remembers the Australian bushfires will be glad to hear that the trees and shrubbery of Australia are growing back. Many ecologists have been saying that with the rise in global temperatures, the plants will have a hard time bouncing back from the fires.