Elementary Gets New Playground Equipment

Funnel ball is a game where the children throw a ball into the funnel and watch and wait for the ball to come out of one of the holes in the sides.

Over Thanksgiving break, the elementary school had new playground equipment installed on both the east and west playgrounds. 

The school installed funnel ball games, a shade, monkey bars, a new set of swings, and a climbing wall. The talk of new playground equipment arose after fourth-grader Chase Dowell brought up the fact at a school board meeting that all the playground equipment they had was old and overused. 

¨When I was in second-grade kids would push other kids off the swings and kick them in the head because there weren’t enough swings. I’m not joking. People were actually fighting over swings and also some kids are just idiots and would play a game called crossy road and try to run in front of the swings, so we need new stuff to play with.,” Chase Dowell, fourth-grader, said.

 The school also purchased wood chips. The wood chips help shock absorbency. The wood chips hold moisture, so when a kid falls, the moisture helps cushion the fall.