FCCLA Food Drive Rescheduled Due to COVID

As some students know, the Canton high school and elementary both began participation in a food drive put on by FCCLA. Due to the high school FCCLA adviser going into quarantine, the high school food drive is still going on. 

Students who wish to participate in this on Thursday will need to bring three canned or boxed food items and will receive five bonus points from the teacher of their choice. On Friday, students need to bring five canned or box food items to get ten bonus points from the teacher of choice. 

If the students bring a total of twelve cans they will receive two slices of pizza at lunch on Tuesday, December 8th. If for any reason school is closed Thursday, December 3rd, the drive will continue into Monday, or students can bring all their cans Friday. 

Teachers giving bonus points are Mrs. Haub, Mrs. Thompson, Ms. Keefer, Mrs. Bromlow, Mrs. Castillio, Mr. Mesis, Mrs. Barney (for freshman only), Mr. Barney, Mr. Mitchell, Mrs. Dowel, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Schicka, Mr. Rich, Mrs. Heath, Mr. Hampton, Mr. Baldwin, and Mrs. Sanderson.