Snow Day Blues


Many people believe that technology will be the downfall of us, and now I agree, because we now have ChromeBooks.  From this dark day forward, we will not get snow days because we can just do online school. I think this is unfair and I am outraged. 

How is it fair that I am robbed of my snow days? No one took away any adults’ snow days when they were kids, so why should they do it to us? Plus we literally only got two snow days, and at my house, we did not have power either of those days. I feel my classmates and I are being robbed of some of our potentially greatest adolescent memories. 

That brings me up to another question, what are students going to do if the power is out? Sure, students have phones, but if I am out of power, I am not about to waste my phone battery  just so I can sign into a class where I cannot understand anything due to the bad service. Should we not be out playing in the snow, sliding on the ice, and potentially breaking bones and gaining scars in an effort to conserve our batteries for critical communication later?

I would also like to point out my sister, who is in college, gets snow days. Maybe they realize that some students don’t have access to Wifi all the time. College students getting snow days while high school students park in front of a Chromebook is absurd. They are on the cusp of curing cancer and creating sustainable energy. We are reading short stories and cheating on math homework. Which is more important for the good of all mankind?

Robbed I say…robbed.