Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes

With the hopes of basketball season on the horizon, now is a perfect time to take a look at the most popular basketball shoes.

1. Lebron 17 

One of my favorite shoes is the Lebron 17. Lebron James is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He designed this shoe with a huge air max bubble in the heel to provide impact protection and some bounce. This shoe is a great performer and it’s a comfortable and supportive shoe.

2. KD Peach Jams

This shoe has such an amazing style. It’s lightweight and provides cushion for your foot, providing a great heel to toe transition.

3. Russell Westbrook why not? Zer0.3 

This shoe is a lot less bulky than his other shoes and is the lightest shoe in his signature line. This shoe comes in a lot of different styles that are flashy.

4. The Lebron 17 (the best style)

This is just like the Lebron 17 but has a great style. It has a little more support than the regular Lebron 17’s. This shoe has a better style with more colors.

5. Lebron 15 Lows 

This shoe is recommended for taller players because it can maximize the feel of the max air bubble at the heel through their weight and makes a more forceful impact when landing.

6. Adidas Pro Boost Mids 

Reviewers say this shoe is very supportive and have had no issues with it at all. They liked the elastic band underneath the tongue of the shoe for great lockdown support.

7. Nike Kobe 11 Elite Lows

This is a very comfortable and lightweight shoe. The material of this shoe is also very nice and put together very well so these shoes can last a long time.

8. Adidas Dame 7

This shoe has multiple lacing options, a cool tongue design, and a lightstrike midsole. It is a great basketball shoe all around.

9. Kyrie 6 

These shoes are soft, comfortable, and provide a lot of support and lockdown for quick moves like crossovers.

10. Nike Hyperdunk

The shoe’s material isn’t flashy or premium but provides well-balanced cushioning. They perform well and fit like a glove.