Top Ten Grossest Sonic Drinks

1. Strawberry Root Beer

As disgusting as it sounds, this drink has a strawberry flavor and it includes bits of real strawberries, unlike other flavored drinks. The strawberry flavor helps cancel out the harsh root beer taste. It is very unusual but not terrible. 

2. Chocolate Coke

This drink…I don’t know where to start. It’s as awful as it sounds. I love both of them but chocolate and coke mixed is a no. It’s my worst nightmare and no one should ever order it.

3. Pickle Slush 

I don’t know why on earth anyone would think it is a good idea to put on the menu. It hurts my stomach just thinking about it. It’s a bright green, iced pickle mess. Some people might find this appetizing, but honestly, I don’t know who could drink the entire thing.

4. Green Apple Dr. Pepper

This sounds terrifying to me. I don’t know who thought that would be a good combination of two flavors but whoever did must have very different thoughts of what sounds good and what doesn’t. Green Apple and Dr Pepper is just very disturbing.

5. Chocolate Cherry Limeade 

I really don’t know who thought this would be a good idea, but honestly, this is the worst thing ever to exist on this planet. The flavors are very revolting to think about, the thought of chocolate and cherry with lime is just… awful.

6. Pineapple Diet Dr. Pepper

This might be the worst of them all. Pineapple with Diet Dr. Pepper is gross. I would recommend no one to order this and it just hurts to think about it.

7. Blue Coconut Iced Coffee

 I really don’t know what to think about this one. It honestly sounds terrible at first but the more I get to think of it, it sounds not too bad. I would honestly want to try it.

8. Cherry Sweet Tea

This isn’t the worst of the group, but I personally wouldn’t order it. I feel like a lot of other people would enjoy it though. There’s a lot of options with fruit-flavored teas you can get that I would maybe try, but cherry is just not my thing.

9. Pickle Hi-C

This might be the worst of them all. I really can’t think this would be enjoyable in any way. It’s very disturbing and I think it would genuinely make me sick from one drink of it.

10. Grape Diet Coke Slush

This is a really weird combination of the two and the fact that it’s in slush form makes it worse. No one should ever order this.