Playstation 5 is Worth the Wait


When I first got my PS5, I felt like a kid again opening my very first presents for Christmas. The PS5 is such an amazing console with amazing next-gen games. The PS5 is also really well designed.

I was actually really lucky to get a PS5 because the PS5 is sold out everywhere right now, and most people are not able to even purchase one. The biggest thing about the PS5 is the PS5 itself, literally, it’s massive compared to my PS4 Pro.

The controller is really well designed and looks amazing. The haptic feedback feature in the controller adds a new layer to immersion when playing games on the PS5.

The user interface was simple and easy to navigate. Games loaded super fast thanks to the ultra-fast SSD inside the PS5. Most games like Spider-Man: Miles Miles Morales, Demon Souls, Call of Duty, and GTA V, and Bloodborne all loaded in less than 15 seconds.

The PS5 only has 600GB of usable storage, which can only hold about a dozen or so games. Especially since these new games are starting to use up over 60GB of storage each game.

I have run into a few problems downloading my games and with other features on the PS5. When I would put my PS5 on rest mode, it would crash when I turned it back on, and would have to rebuild the database. So now I just fully shut off my PS5 to stop this from happening. If this keeps happening, my PS5 could eventually stop working and hopefully, Sony works this out in the future.

Some of the games I would be downloading would be queued to download forever and I would have to restart my PS5 to get the games to download.

Besides some of these setbacks, the PS5 is still an amazing console and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the PS5.