The Mandalorian Causes Massive Bingeing


The Mandalorian, This picture is public domain

The Mandalorian has been one of the most popular shows to be released on Disney+. It’s a sci-fi action series with dramatic twists that many people can enjoy. The show is not afraid to address the dark side of sci-fi, and if the story doesn’t get you hooked, then the awesome weapons and armor will.

It is the first live action Star Wars series that was released on Disney+. The series has lived up to the expectations of many Star Wars fans, staying true to the lore while still having amazing action scenes and fights. The CGI, scenery, and special effects are way better now that Disney owns Star Wars, and it’s shown throughout this series.

The story of The Mandalorian follows an unnamed Mandalorian going through various bounty missions. The story kicks off strong with its fight scenes and picks up on the mystery of the story behind the protagonist. A strong sense that no one can be trusted in the show is always lurking around, filling many scenes with suspense.

The story takes place after the destruction of the Death Star, and the Mandalorian has taken a mission to capture a target, “The Child”. He completes the mission, delivers the child, and receives his reward, but for some reason, he doesn’t feel right in the end. He ends up going back and taking back the child and then his true mission begins, protecting the child. After these events, the story really kicks into high gear and only gets better. I got so hooked on it that I binged watched the entire series in a day.

The Mandalorian has finished its first season and has recently been coming out with episodes for its second season. With these new episodes coming out, the show only has room to grow and get even better. The series is great and I would definitely recommend it for action lovers and both Star Wars and sci-fi fans alike.