CHS Could be Haunted


Kenzi Nix

At a late night lock-in, Kenzi Nix and Braxton Thompson get spooked.

Do you believe the school is haunted?

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Many people have had odd experiences at the school, especially during night. From strange noises to doors moving by themselves, people have faced scary situations. These occurrences have led many people to believe that the school is haunted

“Me and Amanda were helping clean up after school. I heard footprints all around us. There was no one else around, and it was terrifying,” Emma Hoffman, freshman, said. 

People have also reported hearing voices and whispers while they were alone. Lights turn on and off by themselves. Objects appear to move all on their own. Shadows come out of nowhere. 

“We were at a cheerleading lock-in. We were playing hide and seek. Me and Braxton were hiding. I thought I heard someone walk in, and the door shut. We heard people screaming,” Kenzi Nix, junior, said. 

Whatever the cause of these “spooktacular” sounds, anyone who has spent time in the building at night will agree that Canton High School can be unnerving at night.