Horror Movies Offer a Break From Reality

A family enjoys a horror movie fest during the pandemic.

A family enjoys a horror movie fest during the pandemic.

Over just a few decades horror movies have grown in popularity. From the start of 2020, there have been 23 new horror movies released. According to The Numbers, many of these movies have grossed between 100 million to 300 million dollars, making horror movies one of the most profitable genres of movies in the 21st century. Horror movies have come a long way after the very first horror movie was released in 1896, titled Le Manoir du Diable or know in English as The House of the Devil or The Haunted Castle

 According to Psychcentral, many people watch horror movies because they want to be afraid while being safe. The adrenaline rush of being scared while being in the safely of their homes makes people enjoy horror movies even more. People also watch horror movies for the suspense and surprises that littlers most of the movie. 

Many people who don’t like horror movies just don’t want to be scared or have nightmares afterward. 

“I don’t like horror movies because they are scary, and I hate anything scary,” Emma Hoffman, freshman, said. 

Other reasons people watch horror movies are the plot and setting of the story. Many horror movies have interesting plots and stories that capture viewers’ attention and keep them watching despite the other horrifying things happening in the movie. 

Horror movie writers tend to come up with interesting characters and backstories that end up making the plot of the movie better. Many horror movies have also been surprises for the actors, like in IT. The actors who played the Losers Club never saw Pennywise until a little later in the movie when they met him in the Freak house. 

“I like horror movies because of the plot and how it keeps you guessing,” Alexa Delgado, freshman, said. 

People also like watching horror movies because they know that they are fake. Many people watch horror movies because they have nothing to fear after they watch them, other than the occasional nightmare. Horror movies are always going to be fake or loosely of based on real events, so people like that whatever is happening in the movie can never really happen.