Not Everyone has a Dog

Students show diversity in their pet choices


Elementary student Denny Miller shows off her pet opossum.

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Sleeping with a pet is perfectly normal, but imagine sleeping with a possum or bearded dragon. Waking up and seeing this not so normal pet is surprisingly normal for many students. Most people have dogs, cats, and maybe some farm animals, but many students have weird pets that nobody would expect. 

     One Canton elementary student, Denny Miller has an opossum for a pet. She takes old fruit and fruit peelings home from the school cafeteria to feed it..

     “Nobody really has an opossum. It’s just rare that we have one, and it’s fun because they chase your hands around.” Denny Miller, elementary student, said. 

     A junior high student, Camdyn Lee, has a bearded dragon as a pet. Bearded dragons are reptiles that look like really big lizards. They have to stay warm under heat lamps so taking care of one of these might be harder than expected. 

     Many other students have weird pets. Freshman Alexa Delgado has a pet peacock in her backyard. 

     “I just really wanted a peacock, so I got one I found on the road,” Delgado said.

     Devon Reilly has two ruby macaws in his bedroom. Ruby macaws are red birds with blue and green around the edge of their wings. They are like the parrots in every pirate movie. 

     The Foster family basically has a zoo right inside their house. Their pets include ferrets, fancy rats, parrots, and sugar gliders.