After 15 years, Fans Still Love Grey’s


Grey’s Anatomy is still popular among many age groups. Scott Garfield/ABC, via Getty Images; Adam Taylor/ABC, via Getty Images; Bonnie Osborne/ABC

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Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air for over 15 years and is currently ABC’s number one drama with over 7 million viewers. It is also currently the number 7 streaming show on Netflix. Whether viewers have just started watching it or have been for years, many have fallen in love with this network medical drama. . 

The first episode aired on ABC on March 27, 2005, and it is currently in its 17th season. . There has even been some speculation that this will be the last season.

“The fans will let us know when it is time to stop,” Ellen Pompeo, who plays the role of Meredith Grey, said in a recent interview with Variety magazine. 

Viewers like Grey’s Anatomy because it portrays real-life experiences, relationships, and drama among the characters. Throughout the series, there are many breakups, marriages, divorces, and unexpected deaths that keep the audience interested. Dr. Grey and Dr. Shepherd’s relationship is a big part of the show, along with many other relationships. 

The women of Grey’s Anatomy also love how Shonda Rhimes, the writer of the show, fought for diversity in all of the characters because it makes their personalities unique. Rhimes incorporated many characters of different ethnicities and sexual orientations like no other medical TV  show had ever done before.

“My favorite couple from Grey’s Anatomy is Dr.Burke and Dr. Yang. I think they would make cute babies and just be great together. I feel like they always use teamwork and get stuff done,” Aubrey Cheney, freshman, said.

The surgeries are another reason that people watch the series. 

In season 2 episode 17, “As We Know It”, James Carlson, a patient at Seattle Grace Hospital, has a deep chest wound. Hannah Davies, a paramedic, sticks her hand inside of his chest to stop the bleeding. James is bleeding out and Hannah is not allowed to move her hand. They move James to an O.R. and shortly after the hospital has a code black, meaning there is a bomb in the building and it just happens to be inside of James’s chest. If there are any slight movements and the bomb will explode. 

Episode 6 of season 2, “Into You Like a Train”, has a sad but interesting surgery. A trainwreck causes two people to be impaled through their abdomens by the same pole. In this situation, one has to die for the other to survive. 

One of the all-time favorite surgeries is to “Death and all His Friends”,  it’s the last episode of season 6 and the surgery that Dr. Yang performs is one of the most traumatic surgeries in the show, which is why it’s a fan favorite.

“One of the craziest surgeries I saw on the show was when they had to remove a tree from the high school student’s body,” Meridith Barney, a recent fan, said. 

Another reason the show is popular is many of the characters at some point are struggling with mental health. Many suffer from grief, depression, obsession, or PTSD. Fans appreciate this because it shows the characters at their most vulnerable. The audience can relate to one or more of the characters and understand what they are going through. 

Grey’s Anatomy has real-life experiences that teach the audience important life lessons. Romance, drama, interesting surgeries, and mental health issues are all the reasons why Grey’s Anatomy is so popular and loved by many fans.