Life After Corona

There is one question on the mind of every person suffering through the lockdowns and social distancing, will anything ever go back to normal? Everyone’s idea of normal varies, but the bare minimum is not having to wear a mask and social distance in public. Many scientists and healthcare professionals are saying that the chances of life ever going back to normal are slim. Other healthcare professionals are saying that if enough people get the vaccine, the human population can develop a herd immunity. A herd immunity is a natural occurrence in nature where the majority of a certain species become immune to certain diseases over a period of time. A herd immunity sounds really great, but how many people trust the Covid vaccine? Roughly 50% of the population would need to be vaccinated for a herd immunity to kick in. 

Travel is also going to stay a nerve-wracking experience, masks will be required for a long time. Some airports are trying to find a way to require passengers to receive the Covid vaccine before allowing said passenger to be on that plane. 

Human contact has been greatly diminished since Covid hit. Many people will continue to avoid being too close to other people long after Covid is no longer a threat. Handshaking, high fiving, and hugging others will most likely be frowned upon in the future. 

As businesses continue to close from bankruptcy, many people will think twice about going on unnecessary travel trips. Many people are being shamed and looked down upon for taking their families to places they normally would not be able to afford. 

Wearing masks and social distancing are slowly becoming the new normal, whether we like it or not. Whether you are pro lockdown or anti lockdown, everyone can agree that the future is an unpredictable pile of garbage.