The New PINK/UGG Slippers are Ridiculous


Kenzi Nix

Kiana Whiteman is browsing the Internet for uggs

Earlier this week, PINK announced a crossover with UGG. This is not the first crossover PINK has done with UGG, but by far one of the cutest, in my opinion. This crossover featured different types of slippers. I personally would love to have some of them, but they do not seem practical.

Sure these slippers would make cute house shoes, but I doubt I could wear them outside. The fur would get all dirty and would most likely end up with sandburs that would never come out. Even if I did end up wearing them to school, people would probably step on them and leave dirty stains that would be near to impossible to remove.

I think the shoes are very overpriced for how little I would actually be able to wear them. A pair of these slippers cost anywhere from $100-$130 dollars. I would hardly pay that much for a pair of shoes I actually need, let alone shoes I could only wear at my house.

Unless I find $100 on the ground or win the lottery, I will just wait until SHIEN comes out with a dupe of these next to useless, but adorable, PINK/UGG slippers.