Canton After Prom Does Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

Canton After Prom is doing a Valentine’s Day Fundraiser for Canton students. Parents and or students can purchase items for a person or themselves. There are order forms at the high school office and can be found on the Canton High School Facebook page. Checks can be made out to Canton After Prom. Order Forms can be turned into the office by February 9, 2021.

Items you can purchase are: 

  • Hershey’s Candy Bar with Valentine Ribbons- $2.00
  • 16.9 oz Bottle of Pop with Valentine Ribbon- $2.00
  • 3” Heart Cookie- $2.00
  • #1 Bucket of love- $5.00
  • #2 Small valentine Basket- $10.00
  • #3 Medium Valentine Basket- $12.00
  • $4 Large Valentine Basket- $15.00

If anyone has any questions or want to place an order please contact: Melissa Conrady (590-541-8055) or Kimberly Robison (580-819-1513)