Serj Tankian Provides Music Relief

Yet again, another rock legend is releasing an album. This time, it is the lead singer from my favorite band. That singer is from the band System of a Down, and his name is Serj Tankian. Tankian has his own thing going since his original band, SOAD, is not making anything new at the moment. Tankian has made several albums on his own and has appeared in many different songs with different artists. This new album Tankian is releasing is called Elasticity. It is a small album coming in with only five songs, but I will not complain, because I am happy with whatever Tankian will come out with. 

The album will be released on March 19, 2021. Since the album has a little bit of time before it is available to the public, Tankian has made one song from the album available for now. The song that is available is called “Elasticity.” The song is four minutes long, and it is just what I would expect from Serj. Catchy riffs, his weird but lovable voice, and some of the strangest words and sounds to go along with the song. 

Based on the song, I think the album will be a great album. I do not think anything will beat his album Elect the Dead, but I do believe this album will be a very great one. At this point, I am happy to learn that any rock band, or solo rock artist, is releasing something new.