Shrek the Musical Coming to Canton

Canton Tiger Choir presents “Shrek The Musical.”

The musical will be performed on April 30th, May 1st, May 2nd, In the Elementary Gym.

Tickets are $5.00 Limited tickets will be given for each showing due to CDC Guidelines.

Face masks will be required for audience members during the show.

The Cast For the musical is:

Shrek – Eric Estala 

Young Shrek/Peter Pan- LaStarza Fourhorns

Papa Shrek/Captain of the Guards/Knight 6 – Gibby Hough

Mama Shrek/ Ogre Fiona – Jackie Grigsby

Fiona´s mom/mama bear – Carlie Smith 

Fiona´s dad/Big bad Wolf/Knight 1 – Beau Fuqua

Young Fiona/Stage manager – Brianna Ross 

Teen Fiona/Pig 2/ Dulocian – Ana Trahan 

Fiona – Abby Smith

Donkey – Jayden Mosqueda

Lord Farquaad – Luke Foster

Pinnochio- Brooks Martin

Dragon – Alicia Luna 

Gingy/Knight 5 – Lea Vowell 

Captain Jack Sparrow/Knight 2 – Keylea Denton

Captain Kirk/Knight 3/Grumpy – Noah Ross

Captain Kangaroo/Knight 4/ Dolucian – Keelynn Schaumberg

Wicked Witch/ Bishop- Hanna Sullins

Elf with Freak Flag Fly Solo – Zayda Sherwood

Papa Bear/Knight 6 – Coltin Smith

Baby Bear- Bree Simon

Pig 1/Dolucian- Nadia Luna

Pig 3/Dolucian- Payton Wanzer

Pied Piper/Knight 4/Dolucian- Dominik Perry 

Fairy Godmother/Dolucian/ Giselle Sleeper 

Mad Hatter- Samaera Redhat 

Sugar Plum Fairy/Dulocian- Sariah Vargas

Ugly Duckling- Icey Sankey

Puss in Boots/Dulocian- Jordan Dossey 

Little Red Riding Hood/Dolucian- Maggie Clark

Unicorn- Emma Redhat

White Rabbit- Neko Watson

Jack and the Beanstalk- Isaac Whiteeagle 

Humpty Dumpty- Nakia Fourhorns

Cheshire Cat- CJ Webb