The Music Room Is a Busy Place

Alison Clark is the music teacher at Canton High School. Clark has been here for 2 years. 

Clark teaches all of the elementary as well as the junior high and high school choir. 

The junior and senior high choir are doing Shrek the Musical, so that is what they have been working on and will continue to work on until the end of April for their performance. They have the script and the music ready to go and now it is a matter of just learning all of the material for the upcoming performance.

Pre-K and Kindergarten do not use instruments, but they do sing a daily song, learn a weekly song, and they also do music lessons.  

1st and 2nd grade learn and sing along with their lessons with Mrs. Clark. 

The 3rd grade is learning about different time periods in music (such as the medieval period). The 4th grade has been learning about recorders.

The 5th grade has been doing bucket drums. 

The 6th grade has been doing ukuleles.

 Most of the students in the elementary learn new songs for each holiday during their class time as well.