How Has It Already Been One Year?!

With spring break coming up, there are a lot of people worried about school getting out, because believe it or not, a year ago we thought everything was going to be normal. Little did we know that schools and many businesses would be closed because of a global pandemic. Some parents are worried that their kids won’t go back to school after spring break this year. In the past year, people have been vaccinated and have been wearing masks to be safe, but the uncertainty remains. 

In my school, we are “in person”, but when we need to, we usually go online with Seesaw and Google Classroom. If someone happens to get sick during school everyone that was around that one person has to be quarantined for two weeks. Even in our little town, no one really wears masks unless they have people at home who could easily get sick. I live in a rural part of Oklahoma, so everyone knows everyone and everything. If I were to go to a bigger city, then I would wear a mask just to be safe. I have gotten Covid-19 once, and it was not that bad, I had just lost my taste and smell. I still smell really weird things every now and then and some things just don’t taste the same.

When Covid-19 started, I thought it was the best thing ever because we got to get out of school. When they told us we weren’t going back to school it felt like a super long summer. At the beginning of Covid-19, we didn’t have to get on Google Meets or even Zoom meetings. People say they miss the beginning of everything because this was when everyone watched Tiger King, made whipped coffee, and watched TikTok 24/7.  

 I did not have a job, so basically all summer I could do whatever I wanted to because I did not have to go to work or anything. I got to hang out with my friends and family without having to wear a mask everywhere. We went to the lake most of the time because everything else was closed. We still had a lot of fun though. At first, I did not think Covid-19 was that serious. I figured it was just the flu and that there was no need to over-exaggerate. Personally, I do not care if I get sick, because honestly, I get to get out of school and stay home all day. If I am or get sick, I won’t go anywhere around my grandparents, because I don’t want to get them sick.

Covid-19 has been like riding a roller coaster. In the past year, Covid-19 has changed the way people go shopping for groceries now and even how they go to work. In March 2021, 16 states have said that there is no need to wear masks anymore. The other 34 states still require masks. There have even been three vaccines that they have come up with. There is the BioNTech Pfizer vaccine, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and lastly the Moderna NIAID vaccine. I don’t think I will be taking any vaccine any time soon just because I do not like getting shots, my blood drawn, or even getting an IV.