Juniors and Senior Arrive Alive Tour

On Monday the 19th, the juniors and seniors traveled to an Arrive Alive tour in Watonga. The Arrive Alive tour was an interactive course that showed students the dangers of drunk driving and texting and driving. 

“This event was put together to not only address the dangers of drinking and driving but to bring awareness of the distracted driving quandaries that new and experienced drivers are both encountering,” Jason Wallace, high school principal, said. 

There were multiple booths set up that highlighted the dangers of distracted driving. In some booths, organizers would have students put on impairment glasses. Those glasses were to show how a drunk person would see everything. They also had students try and drive a golf cart while in these glasses, so they could better understand the dangers of drunk driving.

“I had a really good time. They showed the consequences of drinking and texting while driving. They had fun and creative ways to help us see the problem with texting or drinking and driving,” Kylie Nix, junior, said.   

The Arrive Alive Tour was put on the Blaine County Sheriff Travis Daugherty who partnered with other state agencies to help provide Blaine County students with the full experience.