I Am Everyday People

Everyone knows what the LGBTQ+ is, but not everyone knows about the forgotten sexualities, the ones who are often misunderstood and stepped on. Sexualities such as asexual and demisexual are two of the forgotten sexualities. Considering this is a high school newspaper article, I can only go into the major part of these sexualities while using as few details as possible. 

Asexual or ace is a broad term to identify people who, for the most part, do not feel sexual attraction to other people. There are asexuals who do have “partners” and there are asexuals who have no “partners.” 

Demisexuals only have sexual attraction to people once a strong emotional connection is created. Demis usually create a strong emotional bond with someone before ever getting physical with them. It can be hard for teenagers who are demi or ace just because they might be harassed by their peers for not being a ‘normal’ teenager. 

Demi and aces both can have a hard time finding partners who will treat them with respect. Many people don’t realize or understand what being an ace or demi feels like, the struggles they face. 

I identify as an asexual. I do not find people sexually attractive in any way. I can enjoy the way people look, but I do not have feelings for people based on how they look. Even if I have an emotional bond with someone, I still feel the same way about them. That is what makes me an asexual. I lack the ability to look at someone and feel a sexual attraction to them.