10 Things I Learned as a Freshman


1.The first thing I learned was to do my work.

I have learned that if I do my work it is really easy to pass classes. I learned to make sure the work is turned in on time because Mrs. Barney gives no late chances. 

2. Coming to school does help.

If students come to school it is easy to pass too. When students come to school more than ten days a semester they have a chance at passing. But when they do come to school, they should do the work or at least some of it.

3. I learned that I can only handle my sister for a certain amount of time. 

LIKE THE EXTRA TWO WEEKS SOMEONE IN CHARGE PUT ME IN QUARANTINE, I wanted to cry. Some people only got quarantined for a certain amount of days, but they made me stay home longer than I had to.   

4. Math was actually pretty easy this year.

Math has never been so easy for me in my whole life. I think it’s Mrs. Thompson because she walks us through and has us take organized notes. The only thing I can’t do is graphs, they are my enemy.

5. I learned that Marci can’t spell, and I can’t spell espesialy.

Spelling is really hard for Marci and me. I couldn’t figure out how to spell espesialy, so it’s spelled how however I spell it. Although I did pretty decently on my spelling tests, they weren’t always the greatest. 

6. You can’t tell the office if someone is picking on you.

I feel like the office doesn’t really care about bullies as much as they should. I went to the office with one of my friends because someone was being rude every day and it still happens because the people in the office basically shrugs their shoulders and go on.

7. Living on the south side of the bridge into town sucks.

Every time I come into town the stupid light is red. I don’t know how long the red is but it feels like forever. I have only hit the green light one time DURING THIS WHOLE BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION.

8. I learned how to cook. 

Being at home the long time I was, I learned how to cook. The favorite thing I made was macaroni and cheese. That is all that I can cook really well. 

9. I learned that chickens really aren’t that scary.

I used to be scared of chickens ever since one chased me. Then, I decided they are non-scary little dino birds, so, now I’m not scared of chickens anymore. 

10. I learned how to take pictures.

Taking pictures for media class was really fun once I knew what I was doing. I have a certain camera that I really like taking pictures with. I, with that camera, can take some really good pictures.