ESports Now Offered at CHS


Canton High School has started a new esports class in which students compete in video games. Some of those games include Fifa, Maden, Rocket League, League of Legends, Fortnite, and Smite.

¨I do think the class is beneficial to the students in multiple ways. ¨Number one, a lot of kids like video games, and need a reason to come to school, and if this class just helps get kids to school. They are still learning their English, their math in those hours, but at least they, you know, have something to look forward to, to get them here,¨ David Smith, esports teacher, said.

The high school has spent around $17,000 overall for the gaming computers and Playstation 4s. There are also other schools in the area that are doing esports.

There are also many major colleges in Oklahoma that are offering scholarships in esports. Some of the colleges include The University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University.

¨Another way it does help, is, there are scholarships available to kids who are good at playing these games, and if they do well in the league, then, when they go to graduate, maybe they are not a football or basketball player and getting a scholarship that way but they get a scholarship to the college because they are good at the video game,¨ Smith, said.

In esports class right now, students are learning how to play all of the video games and playing them together. The new esports class is taught by David Smith and will start competition with other schools later in the school year.

Some people do not like the esports class because they don’t understand or agree with the concept of the class.

¨My opinion is strange because I don’t, I think I don’t like it, I think it’s mainly because I don’t understand the concept of it,¨ Raelene Castillo, high school teacher, said.