Tik Tok Trends that Tempt


These are many things on Tik Tok that quickly become trends and have people wondering if they are worth the hype. Something that has been recently trending is Pop It’s. It seems like everywhere you go someone somewhere is selling Pop It’s. Pop It’s are fidget toys that you can pop similar to bubble wrap, but made of silicone. They also make anything from purses to phone cases and  keychains.

Frozen honey is trending on Tik Tok with 1.4 Billion views. People started freezing honey with corn syrup in a water bottle. There have been people on TikTok who would freeze pop, candy, syrup and kool aid with corn syrup. There have also been people mixing condiments, and Takis in corn syrup too.

Mexican jelly candies originally became popular on Tik Tok. The jello is encased in plastic that is shaped like the fruit of the different flavors. The flavors are orange, grape, green apple and pineapple. People on tik tok are biting into the candies to see if it’s a hit or a miss. If it’s a hit the jello will explode inside their mouths. If it’s a miss, it will explode in the opposite direction.

Reading has become very popular on Tik Tok. #BookTok is trending on Tik Tok with 19.4 billion views. Because of this, reading has recently become very trendy and cool. Colleen Hoover has been a really popular author on Tik Tok, especially with her book It Ends With Us. Many other books like The song of Achilles, Normal People, The Vanishing Half, Such a Fun Age, Ugly Love, Red White and Royal Blue and many more books like these.