Sleeping is a Pain


My sleeping schedule is sloppy. I know most people have sleeping problems, but mine is beyond insane. I can stay up all night long on a school night and still be functional. I can have three hours of sleep for four consecutive nights without falling behind on school work. 

I’m not an insomniac, because I can sleep when I want to. It’s just wanting to sleep is the problem. Sleeping takes away half my life, and frankly I don’t have time for that. My brain doesn’t shut off or power down, whatever the new slang is. I think about finishing up on a new show I’m watching or listening to a song I haven’t heard in ages.

I guess they would say I procrastinate about sleeping. Sleeping just sounds so exhausting, and yes I know how ironic that sounds. On weekends I stay up all night, but I sleep half the day, so that makes up for the loss of sleep I get over the week. 

There are two ways I get up in the morning but it depends on if I sleep or not. If I sleep then my brain isn’t functioning, but my body is active, but if I don’t sleep, then my body is failing me, but my brain is still operating.