The Best Old Horror Movies to Watch

  • It (1990) 

The movie It is a three-hour-long movie about a bunch of kids who try to fight an evil demon that is disguised as an evil clown who eats children, but it returns thirty years later, so they try to fight it off again once and for all, and showing flashbacks from each point of views of their childhoods handling it. I have heard many adults like my grandma say that this movie scared them a lot or that it is one of their top favorite movies. I like the movie because it has a little comedy in it while it’s being scary at the same time. 

“My favorite part of the movie was when Pennywise starts chasing that one kid in the sewers when they were in the sewers,” Kallie Lawrence, junior, said.

  • Children of the Corn ( 1984) 

This movie starts off with a small town getting out of the church and going to a coffee shop. No kids are there except for Job. All the kids have gone to the cornfield and then decide to kill all the adults because God told them to. Later on in the movie, a couple accidentally hits one of the kids and then goes to Gatlin to look for help. They then find out that there is a cult of children trying to kill them, or sacrifice them, to “He who walks behind the rows.”  This movie was one of my favorite old movies because it shows how children can really believe anything someone says and that the kids in this movie took it to a bigger level. 

“When the children start chasing the people was my favorite part of the movie,” Sienna Bates, junior, said.

  • The Shining (1980) 

The Shining is about a family who moves into a hotel so the husband, Jack Torrence, can overcome his writer’s block. Strange things start to happen to his son Danny and he starts seeing disturbing visions. Jack starts to look for ideas around the hotel but he starts to unravel the dark secrets of the hotel. Danny’s visions get worse while Jack starts going insane and terrorizes his family. This movie is really disturbing, and the acting was incredible. When Jack starts to chase his wife she genuinely looks terrified and believable. 

“I like the part when Jack says “Here’s Johnny!” or when he freezes to death, it’s pretty disturbing,” Mrs. Castillo, junior high teacher, said. 

  • Leprechaun (1993) 

In the movie Leprechaun this guy, Dan O Grady, steals this gold from Ireland bringing home a scary little leprechaun wanting its gold back. He stops it with a four-leaf clover and puts it away in a cage forever. Ten years later, his neighbors accidentally let the leprechaun go. The leprechaun then goes on a murderous rampage looking for his gold. I used to watch this when I was really little. I loved it then and love it now. The movie has a lot of gore and was really funny at the same time, which is why I enjoy it so much. 

“It’s really interesting because it tells a story about an evil leprechaun that kills you for his shiny,” Jordan Dossey, freshman, said.