Children: They Are the Future


Little kids can be spawns of satan, but they also can be cute little angel. I have my fair share of the little monsters that are so called children. When I see a child, all I really see is boogies, spit, and pee. I know what I say is harsh, but it is not that far from the truth. 

There are a few exceptions. Do I know them? Maybe. Kids over exaggerate, they are emotional and irresponsible, but they do have some uniqe traits. They say things that make my heart bubble up and explode, like a cute two year old that went up to me and did the kamehameha wave, yes even said it. 

Anyway, back on topic. Kids can be adorable and awesome,  they have potential. The younger they are, the more potential they have. Some parents don’t relize they literally have the future in their hands. 

I personally think that is awesome. They are going to be the future. The parents just show them how to deal with situations in the future. Parents, you are the most important part in a child’s life, I want you to relize that. To wrap things up I would like to say kids are gross and ungrateful, but they are the future and every single one is important.